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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Freeloader’s Toolbelt: 50 Tools ...

By Christina Laun

The Freeloader’s Toolbelt: 50 Tools to Help You Get Anything Free Online

"Whether you’re strapped for cash or just a tightwad, everyone appreciates a little free stuff now and then. Lucky for you, the internet is chock-full of freebies just sitting there waiting for a cash conscious person such as yourself to come along and claim them. While some freebies come with strings attached, many are entirely free and allow you to try out new products, take courses and enjoy free things you might not otherwise have access to. Here is a list of 50 places you can check out the next time you’re looking for a sweet deal.


These blogs can give you the scoop on freebies.

1. Free Samples Blog: Sometimes you just don’t want to commit to buying a full size item until you know you’ll like it. You can get free samples of just about anything from baby formula to razors with the suggestions on this blog.

2. GoTo Free Stuff: Want to know where to pick up a few free samples of a makeup you saw an ad for on TV, or ways to keep your kids busy in the car? This blog has listings for these things and more so you can try before you buy.

3. Everybody Loves Free Stuff: Truer words were never spoken, and this blog can help you keep track of promotional offers from companies around the world, plus keep you up to date on the latest in marketing news.

4. Free Grabber: This is another blog ...more"

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two NEW Online Auction Tools!

Site #1:
Find the most popular watched items of your liking on eBay, and see their Watch Counts (see how many users have clicked "Watch This Item")

A free site that offers some basic researching functionality to both buyers and sellers.
The site does a couple things:

* It shows you the most popular items on eBay at that moment, either in a certain category (like eBay Pulse), or via your provided keywords. You can see, for example, what the most popular "barbie" items on eBay are right now, based on how many users have clicked "Watch This Item" (the Watch Count).

* It also shows you the actual Watch Counts for: the popular items found in #1 above, most any item on eBay (sometimes you can look up the Watch Count simply by entering an item #), and those high-flying auctions listed in eBay Pulse (it's amazing how many watchers those Pulsers have accumulated!).

Site #2:
Find Hidden Misspelled Auctions on eBay

-Both sites are owned by Jake-

Thanks Jake, for submitting your site's!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Corazonas® Gram | FREE Samples

The gift of a healthy heart with you!
Click here to view your Corazonas® Gram (

FREE Sample and Coupons



Click to enlarge.


Absolutely perfect!


Timid yet captivating, her sweet smile is truly charming.
Her eyes suggest an aloof demeanor.

"Ms. Unknown" is clothed with traditional flapper elegance and flare.

Notice the delicate hand painted detail and her rich form.




Not a scar to be found nor a scratch to be told.
She is one of a kind without blemish!
Her appearance is miraculously unscathed by age
or circumstance.

She will light your vanity or treasure cove with grace.

"Ms. Unknown" rests in her original box which, as pictured, is
in very good condition showing only minimal sign of age.
You may contact me
for additional photos of either doll or box.

She and box, will be carefully packaged to prevent any
disturbance in transit, and
Shipped Free of Charge to collector's
home or business - U.S. Only.
---- Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. ----

This EBAY auction was
SOLD (by me) on Mar-16-04 @ 19:48

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